Details for Bankera neobank

Famous EU neobank offering personal and business accounts, debit cards, crypto wallets and fast payments.

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Total customers:

1.1 million

What is Bankera?

Bankera is a digital bank that operates globally and offers a range of financial and banking services, including personal and business accounts, payment processing, currency exchange and investing in crypto services. Bankera was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This neobank provides a wide range of investment products, including savings and term deposits, as well as loans and insurance solutions. Bankera is known for its focus on blockchain technology, which enables fast and secure transactions, and its user-friendly mobile bank app.

Which services does Bankera offer?

Bankera offers a broad range of financial services, including:

  • free personal bank accounts and low fee business accounts (starting from 5 EUR per month),
  • free physical and virtual bank cards (included in the plan),
  • current accounts with a unique IBAN number,
  • free EU transfers for personal and business accounts and low-cost international transfers,
  • low-cost currency exchange into and from major global FX pairs,
  • access to crypto-exchanges in form of sending and receiving funds from SpectroCoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms,
  • flexible in-app customisation, live notifications and 100% transparency with in-app reporting.

What are the core advantages of Bankera app?

One of the core advantages of this neobank is its versatile mobile app (both Android and iPhone apps are supported). Bankera app offers low-cost business accounts, access to international and local payments, free ATM withdrawals in a local currency, a high level of customisation and real-time notifications for transactions and spending-related insights.

Bankera does not disclose the number of customers, however, it is believed this neobank has over 1.1 million customers using its services.

Who is eligible to open a Bankera account?

Bankera currently opens bank accounts for residents of all major jurisdictions, with a few notable exceptions - Russia, Belarussia, Iran and North Korea.