Details for Bankin' neobank

French banking app pooling multiple bank accounts and provides budgeting, savings and expense-tracking tools.

TrustPilot Score:


TrustPilot Score:

4.5 million

Bankin' is available in:

France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom

What is Bankin?

"Bankin is a French FinTech company that offers personal finance management tools to help customers better manage their finances. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Since its foundation, this innovative neobank has since grown to become one of the leading personal finance management platforms in Europe, with over 3.2 million users.

Bankin is also very differerent from other neobanks in how its app operates. Notably, Bankin allows customers to connect their existing bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts onto the Bankin platform.

This in-app integration gives customers a complete overview of their financial situation at a tap of a button. In particular, Bankin users can track their spending, set budgets and receive alerts for unusual activity or upcoming bills. Moreover, this digital bank also offers personalised recommendations for saving money and benefitting from additional features and benefits, such as insurance and savings accounts. Bankin has also partnered with other FinTechs and financial institutions to offer loans, investments and other financial products through its app."

Which services does Bankin offer?

Bankin offers a broad range of financial services, including:

account a

  • aggregation feature by linking customer's bank accounts in one place, so they can view their balances and transactions in a single dashboard,
  • budgeting functionality, notably by allowing customers to create a budget by categorising their expenses and tracking their spending,
  • bill tracking which enables Bankin customers to keep track of their bills and payments, so they never miss a due date,
  • personalised financial analysis and financial advice to Bankin customers based on the client's spending habits, income, and goals,
  • personal finance management that helps Bankin customers manage their personal finances, including savings goals, investment tracking and analyse their loans,
  • flexible in-app c


Main advantages of a Bankin account

One of the core advantages of this neobank is its versatile mobile app (both Android and iPhone apps are supported). Bankin app offers a high level of customisation and real-time notifications for transactions and spending insights, as well as budgeting tools for tracking spending and ultimately saving money.

Bankin has gained a large following in the European Union, especially in France, the UK, Spain and Germany. Currently, this neobank connects over 400 banks in these 4 countries and is particularly among younger consumers, expats, frequent travellers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Currently, Bankin has over 3.2 million customers and over 5 million connected bank accounts across Europe.