Details for Blackcatcard neobank

Blackcatcard is a neobank that provides an EU bank account and a Mastercard that is accepted globally.

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What is Blackcatcard?

Blackcatcard is a mobile bank that provides a quick EU bank account as well as a Mastercard that is accepted globally.

Blackcatcard offers some significant benefits over its competitors, including no sign-up fees and the ability to earn either 2.2% annual interest or 0.1% cash back on card purchases.

Who can use Blackcatcard?

Blackcatcard provides an online bank service, and an app to manage cards and accounts, as well as all integrated services.

The service is available for individual and corporate customers alike.

These include various cashback and bonus programs, cryptocurrency-related services in addition to traditional fiat ones, and the option of issuing additional cards tied to a single account, The Blackcatcard service is primarily meant for citizens of the EEA but is also well-loved by users from other regions, such as the US, South Korea, China, South Africa and many others.

People worldwide can use the European IBAN account and Blackcatcard mobile application without any problems, however, the payment card is available only for customers with the EEA or Swiss address proofs.