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French FinTech with a banking app, business account and debit cards for SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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What is Blank?

"Blank is a French FinTech company that offers a mobile banking app and associated business account and a debit card for small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Blank was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Blank combines digital business account benefits with multiple financial services to provide banking solutions for entrepreneurs, self-employed, SMEs and freelancers.

This European neobank pulls together accounting, financial management, and banking functions into one mobile-first digital banking app. The app is designed to provide a streamlined and user-friendly banking experience, with features such as real-time notifications, spending tracking and the ability to manage the account in real-time. This neobank offers its customers a virtual card number for online transactions to reduce the risk of fraud and cashback rewards, as well as incentivises customers to create savings goals and track progress towards them. "

Which services does Blank offer?

Blank offers a broad range of financial services, including:

· low fee business bank accounts (starting from 8 EUR per month),

  • · free physical and virtual business bank cards (included in the plan),
  • · current accounts with a unique French IBAN number, free SEPA transfers within the EU and low-cost international transfers,
  • · automated in-app categorisation of expenses and the creation of quotes and invoices,
  • · ability to generate third-party reporting, such as excerpts for accounting purposes,
  • · high withdrawal and transfer ceilings,
  • · dedicated expert business advisor with tailored offerings,
  • · factoring financing services,
  • · equipment insurance and loss on income insurance for some cases,
  • · flexible in-app customisation, live notifications and 100% transparency with in-app reporting.

Who is eligible to open a Blank account?

Blank currently opens bank accounts only for French companies and entrepreneurs.