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Spanish FinTech focusing on international payments, savings accounts, currency exchange and debit cards.

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What is Bnext?

Bnext is a Spanish FinTech that offers a mobile banking app and associated bank accounts and financial solutions for individuals. This neobank's app provides real-time notifications and reporting, allows to track spending tracking and gives customers the ability to manage, block and unblock the card instantly.

Bnext was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. One of the unique features of this digital bank is its focus on international payments and currency exchange.

Notably, its app allows users to make payments and make ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies free of charge or with very modest fees. Additionally, the app gives cashback rewards for certain purchases and grants the ability to split bills and expenses with other people."

Which services does Bnext offer?

Bnext offers a broad range of financial services, including:

· free

  • or low-fee bank accounts (EUR 0.99 per month),
  • · free physical and virtual bank cards (included in the plan),
  • · current accounts with a unique IBAN number,
  • · integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay,
  • · cashback on purchases with 3,000 partners,
  • · cashback on purchases with 3,000 partners,
  • · international transfers, including low-cost international remittances to Mexico, Ecuador and Columbia,
  • · investing in a wide range of crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies,
  • · flexible in-app customisation,
  • · expense management, reporting and cash management tools.

Who is eligible to open a Bnext account?

**Bnext **currently opens bank accounts only for residents of Spain. To open a bank account with this neobank, a customer is required to have a Spanish phone number.