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Migom Bank is a Swiss regulated financial services provider offering online financial services for individuals and businesses alike. Some of its services include an e-banking app, debit cards, International money transfers and multi-currency IBAN.

Migom Bank provides multi-currency money exchange with no hidden fees. Buy and Sell Bitcoin and USDT. Customers may pay touch-free with a QR code and exchange, send and receive 18+ currencies in seconds.

Migom Bank offers the most innovative customer loyalty and affinity programs.

At the moment Migom Bank supports the following currencies: CAD, TRY, JPY, KWD, EUR, GBP, AED, HKD, DKK, USD, and CHF however additional currencies may be available upon request.

Migom Bank Ltd is a full-service International Bank regulated by the Financial Services Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Migom Bank due diligence fee for the account opening process is as follows:

Individual account – 250 EUR
Corporate account – 500 EUR