Details for Vialet neobank

EU banking app for including international money transfers and virtual debit cards for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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What is VIALET?

VIALET is a Lithuanian-based FinTech and one of the most innovative institutions in Europe.

What does VIALET offer?

VIALET offers dedicated IBANs, (SEPA, SEPA Instant, SWIFT) for SMEs, supporting C2B, B2B, and B2C payments.

Free IBAN Account

You qualify for a VIALET account if you’re at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. Since the service is app-based, you’ll also need a compatible smartphone.

There are no charges to open your current account with VIALET. You’ll need to enter your name and surname, email, date of birth, phone number and country of residence.

Then, you’ll create a passcode for your account. After this process is complete, you immediately receive an international bank account number (IBAN). You’ll need to verify your identity after that if you wish to order a card to take advantage of other VIALET services.

You can top up your account by making a SEPA transfer or using your bank card. The service is compatible with Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron.