Neobanks in Multi-currency category in Italy


Global leader in international money transfers, multi-currency accounts, debit cards and low-fee currency exchanges.


Leading global neobank for money transfers, currency exchange, credit cards and investing for individuals and businesses.


MiFinity is a digital payment platform that allows users to send and receive money globally in multiple currencies.


EU neobank app offering savings accounts, debit cards, multi-currency accounts, global money transfers and loans.


UK-based FinTech focused on foreign exchange and international transfers, savings accounts and payments.


Innovative Italy-based finance app that combines an online account, money transfers and currency exchange.

Multi-currency bank accounts

Neobanks and digital banks are increasingly allowing people access to multi-currency bank accounts and international money transfer services. These services are particularly popular among individuals and businesses that frequently send and receive money in various currencies - all from a single account. Some neobanks and digital banks even provide customers with their own international bank account numbers (IBANs), which make it easier and cheaper to receive payments and make purchases in other countries.

International money transfers

International money transfer services are another indispensable feature offered by neobanks and online banks. Providers such as MoneyGram, RiaMoneyTransfer, Wise and WorldRemitly allow customers to send money to friends, family, or businesses in different countries. These multi-currency money transfers take place faster and are more affordable than traditional wire transfers.

Free or no fee exchange rates

Neobanks also offer the convenience of sending and receiving money in various currencies anywhere in the world. These digital banks offer competitive exchange rates and low fees. Some neobanks have completely eliminated fees and can even exchange money at inter-bank rates.

This feature makes them a popular choice for those who regularly make international payments, need to pay in several currencies or otherwise wish for price transparency for currency exchange operations.