Neobanks in Personal account category in Japan


Global leader in international money transfers, multi-currency accounts, debit cards and low-fee currency exchanges.


Leading global neobank for money transfers, currency exchange, credit cards and investing for individuals and businesses.


MiFinity is a digital payment platform that allows users to send and receive money globally in multiple currencies.

World First

WorldFirst is an international money transfer service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money globally.


Famous EU neobank offering personal and business accounts, debit cards, crypto wallets and fast payments.


US fintech company that provides banking solutions to people without access to traditional banking services.


EU digital wallet app offering instant online payments globally, EU debit cards and multi-currency accounts.


Global e-wallet app that enables fast and secure online payments, pre-paid cards and instant money transfers.


UK bank app offering individuals and businesses current accounts, global transfers and payment cards.

Personal checking accounts accounts for retail customers

Neobanks have transformed the way people manage their finances. One of the key offerings of neobanks is personal accounts for retail clients. These accounts include personal checking accounts and personal savings accounts that are accessible via a banking app 24/7, in-app controls, instant transaction notifications, budgeting tools and multi-currency IBANs for personal online accounts.

Services offered by personal bank accounts

Choosing the best current account s not easy and boils down to carefully comparing several neobanks' options and features, such as monthly fees, requirement for minimum balances, availability of free ATM withdrawals, cashback rewards and lack of foreign transaction fees, as well as international money transfers.

Joint bank accounts

For customers looking to open a joint bank account, neobanks also offer options that are tailored to meet their needs. These joint accounts often come with features such as split bills, automatic budgeting, and the ability to set individual spending limits for each account holder.

Personal savings accounts

When it comes to personal savings accounts, neobanks often offer competitive interest rates. Retail customers and holders of such personal accounts can benefit from automatic savings transfers, savings goals and round-up savings.