Neobanks in Teens & Juniors category in Norway


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Blackcatcard is a neobank that provides an EU bank account and a Mastercard that is accepted globally.

Do neobanks offer teens and junior bank accounts?

Neobanks have acknowledged the importance of providing financial literacy and education to the next client generation. That is why these digital banks are offering bank accounts specifically designed for children, teens and young people. Teens bank accounts offer financial features and benefits to help the youth fully participate in financial life and help them manage their money and develop healthy financial habits.

Can even kids open bank accounts?

Yes, in some situations and with some neobanks. Notably, online bank accounts and savings accounts for kids, also known as child savings accounts, are a popular option for parents seeking to give kids some hands-on financial education from an early age, sometimes as early as 8 years. To identify which neobanks offer the best child savings account options, parents or their offspring need to compare some of the features, such as parental controls, the child's age restriction, monthly account maintenance fees, the ability to set savings goals and the possibility to pay online and in a physical store, and to receive money.

Can kids open bank accounts?

For teens, neobanks offer a range of bank account options, including debit cards for teens and teens bank accounts. These accounts often come with features such as spending limits, parental controls, and the ability to track spending and receive instant notifications of transactions. This allows parents to monitor their teens' spending and help them develop good financial habits.